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About the Young Democrats

YDSC's mission is to unite and educate youth voters in South Carolina, and organize our political power. We do this by working to grow youth voter turnout, developing the Democratic Party in South Carolina, and increasing youth involvement in our communities.


A Brief History of YDSC

The Young Democrats of America is the oldest youth partisan organization in America, formed in 1932 with our neighbors in North Carolina forming the first chartered unit. The Young Democrats have existed in several forms in South Carolina since at least the 1940s, under the names of either YDSC or the South Carolina Young Democrats.

YDSC as we know it today was restarted in 2011 when Ophelia Doe, the previous iteration's last vice president, and Mike Glymph, who had just reformed the College Democrats of South Carolina, filed with the state. Its first statewide meeting happened in September 2012, and YDSC re-chartered with YDA in 2013.

Ever since then, YDSC has focused on building a community of change-makers throughout the state, and increasing civic and political involvement among South Carolina's younger citizens.

Local Chapters

YDSC has a number of local chapters in communities throughout our state. Our local chapters organize for candidates, volunteer for community organizations, create space for community, and so much more.


YDSC currently has four active Caucuses, which operate to connect members of several communities into YDSC--including the Black Caucus, the LGBTQ Caucus, the Women's Caucus, and the Progressive Caucus. Newer caucuses can be easily organized.

Young Democrats of America

YDA, our chartering organization, is the longest running and largest partisan youth organization in America. YDA creates opportunities for training, leadership, and friendship with Young Democrats across the country and even around the world.

South Carolina Democratic Party

The South Carolina Democratic Party and its county parties work across the state to elect Democratic candidates, and hold the line against an increasingly radical rightist Republican legislature.

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