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Starting or Rechartering? Easy and Straightforward

The Young Democrats of South Carolina is an organization powered by its members. If YDSC is to succeed as a state organization, there must be active, thriving local and regional organizations. Whether that organization is a a county organization (i.e.: the Young Democrats of Greenville County) or a multi-county chapter (i.e.: the Young Democrats of the Central Midlands), all Young Democrats organizations wishing to charter with the Young Democrats of South Carolina must do the following: 



  1. Get at least four other members including yourself

  2. Call a meeting to draft a constitution for the club

  3. Elect a chair to represent your region on the YDSC Executive Council

  4. Fill out this chartering form, and

  5. Turn in a spreadsheet with all of your current members and officers to ydscsecretary1@gmail.com..

  6. Pay a $25.00 chartering fee, and turn this in with your packet.