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If your county is not yet covered by a YDSC chapter, we welcome Young Democrats (which in South Carolina are 39 and under) to organize and charter with the Young Democrats of South Carolina.

Getting the party started should be easy & painless.

  • Up to three neighboring counties may charter as a single chapter, and the chapter must have at least one member from each county represented.

  • All chapters must have a minimum of five members, one of which must be elected Chair.

  • Chapters must then submit bylaws, lists of their members and officers, and complete the chartering application.

  • Provisional charters can be accepted at any time, but all chapters must charter ahead of the annual State Convention.

Chartering Rules

The full rules for chartering a chapter in YDSC are below; they can also be found in the YDSC Bylaws--in the Resources page.

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