YDSC Caucuses

Women's Caucus

Our mission is to be a resource for identifying, supporting, and promoting candidates and legislation that further equitable treatment of women; to foster leadership among young women across the state the South Carolina.

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Progressive Caucus

The mission of the Progressive Caucus  is to represent the interests of the progressive movement, advocate for the adoption of progressive ideals and policies within the Democratic Party in South Carolina, and to assist and endorse progressive candidates in local and state elections.


LGBTQ Caucus

The mission of our caucus is to stand up for LGBTQ+ rights and to engage more LGBTQ+ young people in YDSC, the Democratic Party and the political process.


Environmental Caucus

The mission of the Environmental Caucus is to advocate on behalf of Environmental issues and how those effect the state. 

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Black Caucus

The YDSC Black Caucus is committed to educating and advocating on behalf of all things in the black community. We strive to empower black leaders in the community and turn out the black vote during elections. 


Start a Caucus?

Choose the topic for the caucus, gather at least 7 members and present to the Executive Board/Council to become a Provisional Caucus. Afterwards, elect a chair, vice chairs, etc. and then start developing the Caucus strategic plan.

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