YDSC LGBTQ+ Caucus: Statement on the recent actions from the Trump Administration

We, the LGBTQ Caucus of the Young Democrats of South Carolina, vehemently express our opposition to the Trump administration’s reversal of gender identity protections in the healthcare system. Just as tens of thousands were left to die in the AIDS crisis, revoking protection from transphobic discrimination in the middle of a pandemic is an act of depraved indifference.

For as long as we’ve been pathologized, the right to medical treatment has been a central issue among the LGBTQ community – especially for transgender people. For over half a century, transgender members of our community have consistently led the fight for our rights. And yet transgender people are still routinely rejected by the institutions meant to heal the sick, relieve the suffering, and right the wronged.

Nevertheless, history demonstrates that the realization of human rights is never a matter of if, but when. With the conservative Supreme Court’s landmark decision to protect transgender people from job discrimination, when starts now. Forever losing ground, the Trump administration and all they represent have no force to counter any collective action of the LGBTQ community and our allies, for we count ourselves by the million and have already done the impossible many times over.

Our existence compels us to fight for our lives. Our love compels us to fight for each other.

Michael McCord, YDSC LGBTQ+ Caucus Chair, Greenville County

Cody Burke, YDSC LGBTQ+ Caucus 1st Vice Chair, Greenville County

Kasey Marshall, YDSC LGBTQ+ Caucus 2nd Vice Chair, Greenville County

Charles Fricke, YDSC LGBTQ+ Caucus Secretary, Richland County

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