YDSC Demands Legislators Return to the State House to Authorize Mail-In Voting, Delay State Primary

The Young Democrats of South Carolina demand that the South Carolina General Assembly return to Columbia to authorize voting by mail or no-excuse absentee voting and to delay the state primary to August to slow the spread of COVID-19.

“No one should have to risk their health, or their life, to cast a ballot. It is our right to vote and we must ensure that people stay safe and healthy,” said YDSC President Jeni Atchley on Sunday. “The Legislature managed to pass a budget last week. Now they need to come back to set a new date for the state primary, authorize mail-in voting, or no-excuse absentee voting, or a combination of them.”

“The state Elections Commission usually does a great job to look out for voters with disabilities, and it’s time for the Commission to step up for South Carolinians with autoimmune diseases. We cannot in good conscience ask these voters or poll managers to show up on June 9th, or to brave long lines in the middle of a pandemic,” YDSC Secretary Austin Jackson, who also serves as Vice-Chair of the Young Democrats of America Disability Caucus, said on Monday.

YDSC Minority Caucus Chair, Dr. Jermaine Johnson, who is a candidate for House District 80, said that " If South Carolina leadership truly cares about all of its citizens, then these leaders will set an example and agree to implement additional voting options as well as a delay in the primary currently scheduled for June 9th. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a situation where our democracy will be questioned if we don't act swiftly to ensure fair and safe voting opportunities for all of the state's citizens and current candidates."

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